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6. May, 2021

Lynette Wilson

Hello I'm interested in discussing further with you. Think I've found my next breed🤗

8. May, 2020


Hello, I'm interested to know if or when puppies might be available, and for how much?

24. Apr, 2020


Hi, I am wondering that is any puppies available?

7. Sep, 2019

Kathryn Donaldson


I was wondering if there is a litter on the way? Just wish to find out how much they are and if there is room on the wait list?

24. Sep, 2017


Tim Sutherland

I tried to answer your email, but gmail says it does not exist, please email me at ausled@icloud.com

24. Sep, 2017

Tim sutherland


Very interested in puppy when you have a litter avaliable.

Want to get a puppy when I buy a house late thus year.

Please let me know.


Tim Sutherland

15. Sep, 2017

Amy Johnson


I would like some information on any current or future litters so that i can get a vallhund.


15. Sep, 2017

Hayley Davis-Bailey


Im interested in gaining information on any current and future litters.

Thank you.

8. Aug, 2017

Vicki Fitzgerald

Hi, we recently lost our beloved huntaway and are looking for a new family member. My daughter has a vallhund x who is just a lovely boy, so I thought a little girl would fit in well.

12. Apr, 2017

Jenny Adams

Great website, best breed in the world, best mates on earth. I have never looked back, would be so lost without my furry kids. Most of all we so love you both, many thanks for bringing them into my life ❤️🐺🐺🐺

28. Mar, 2017

Denise Stanaway

Love the new website. Well done!!

27. Mar, 2017

Robyn Wagstaff

Great web site Sharon, easy to navigate around. Love the history as I learnt alot about your fantastic breed..

Website 24. Mar, 2017

Gunnel Alsterbrink

Really a nice website you have made.