Roadie and Ann

Swedish Vallhunds are also known as Vikingahund, Svensk Vallhund and in the Swedish language as Västgötaspet. Originally kept as farm dogs the Swedish Vallhund is a herding breed and believed to be many hundreds of years old.  Today they are listed as rare and they exist in only a few countries outside of Sweden and Finland. 


Swedish Vallhunds are remarkable little dogs.  Their personalities and individual characteristics seem much greater than their body size.  They are courageous, alert and watchful dogs.  A Swedish Vallhund is happiest with their family.  They like to go with their owners and are best suited to people dedicated to giving them an interesting life. 


This breed are considered low shedding, and low odour.  They have an easy care coat that needs minimal bathing.  Swedish Vallhunds have a double layer coat that helps protect them from extreme heat and cold. 


Ausled strive to maintain the natural bob-tailed gene.  About 50% of our puppies have a curled tailed held generally over the back of the dog and the other 50% are naturally born with a short stub tail or no tail at all.